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Biggest Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

All business and office owners know how crucial it is to maintain a clean, hygienic working space for their employees, which is why it’s so crucial to team up with a reputable commercial cleaning company to assist them throughout this type of daily process.

We’re very lucky to have partnered up with a commercial cleaning Melbourne specialist to help us compile this list of factors that everyone should consider when looking to hire a commercial cleaning company. By going through this list you’ll have a much more thorough understanding as to what you should be looking for throughout this hiring process, so here are the factors you should think about!


One of the first and foremost factors you need to consider is asking a commercial cleaning company if you can talk to some references who can vouch for them and their services. A lot of cleaning companies will have written testimonials available on file, but you should go above and beyond this and have actual phone conversations with these references.

Training and Experience

All commercial cleaners need to have been trained professionally, and of course have an adequate amount of experience that goes into what your expectations are for them. There’s no shame in asking to see the details about the company’s employees and their overall training and experience, because this will help you to ensure they are staying up to date with the industry’s cutting edge.


CIVIS and OSHA standards are also some certifications that you should be looking into when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaning company, and by looking into these certifications you’ll be putting you and your office in good hands in terms of protecting your overall investments.


Simply allowing a cleaning company onto your commercial property is a liability that you must consider when making a hiring decision, because if a commercial cleaner isn’t adequately insured then any injury or property damage they incur could be on you! Always, always make sure that the commercial cleaner you’re considering is properly insured!


Blackout times are crucial when it comes to your job interviews with cleaning companies, because you’re going to need to know when they can commit to you and when they are already committed to other clients. You should also know what their policies are in terms of emergency appointments and their hours during and after regular business hours.


Green Cleaning


These days more and more business owners are concerned that their cleaning companies are utilizing eco-friendly cleaning methods when they come to their property. This means looking into their products, processes and other cleaning methods that they’ll utilize. Understanding if they are green certified is also very important!


If you have any further questions about what to look for in a commercial cleaning company, reach out to the experts via the link at the top of the article!

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